10 ways to chart tangible progress in Africa since 2007

In 2007, at TEDAfrica, Euvin Naidoo gave an opening talk about investing in African countries — laying out 10 markets and metrics to watch as African nations gained capacity.

Today, in a follow-up post, investor Ryan Hoover looks at these 10 metrics that Naidoo laid out — and charts how much has changed in the past five years. It’s a fascinating post. A sample:

7. Africa’s Booming Banks

007: Naidoo next remarked on the potential of the banking sector and the reforms taking place in Nigeria that consolidated that country’s 85 banks into 25. He noted that only 10% of Nigerians were banked.

012: Five years later, and 36% of the Nigerian population is now served by the formal financial sector. Analysts at Bain Capital expect the sub-Saharan banking industry to continue growing at 15% annually all the way to 2020.

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