Today! Watch a live TED session, streaming from Doha

Have you ever wanted to watch Hans Rosling premiere a brand-new talk live onstage? In 6 hours, at 7:30 AST / 4:30pm GST / 12:30pm EDT, tune in to

to watch a free two-hour livestream from TEDxSummit Opening Night, a full session of TED with speakers, performers and TED magic. Hans Rosling is presenting a new talk on “a secret topic” … Will Noel tells the story of an ancient manuscript with an astonishing secret … Nesrin Ozalp will tell us about an amazing new energy source called “solar cracking” … and the fabulous Zain Awad will sing as the stars come out over the Katara Amphitheatre.

If last night’s rehearsals are anything to go by … this will be an astonishing event. Tune in and watch!

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