20 Funniest YouTube Videos According to Reddit

1. The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger

The honey badger is king of the crazy nastyass jungle — er, desert. This YouTube classic explains why.

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Reddit has made a habit of lampooning befuddled cats, bizarre musical remixes and stunts gone wrong. But only now have all these incredible novelties come together in one epic Reddit thread.

User Doctorsnazzbaggle posted on AskReddit Tuesday, asking fellow Reddit users, "What YouTube video makes you laugh uncontrollably?"

A sidesplitting, bellyaching, knee-slapping smörgåsbord of funny clips flooded in, and a few revelations followed. First, Reddit loves animals. Second, Reddit loves when animals hurt themselves. Third, Reddit loves people dressed as animals hurting themselves.

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Other videos featured a David Blaine impersonator, a…
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