6 Free Apps to Organize a More Efficient Carpool

1. Carpool School Edition

This app is designed specifically for students who carpool to school. Find out who lives near you and invite them to form a carpool group. You can add members of your group manually or import them from your contacts.

The app lets you manually create a schedule, or it will automatically generate one based on the driver's preferences, for example, if one person likes to drop off in the morning, or prefers pick-up. If you have a note or update for the group, you can add it in and everyone will be notified.

Particularly useful, you can also email the carpool schedule to those members who don't have an iOS device, so they can view it on their computers and print it.

Price: Free for iOS devices.

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It's difficult to think of logistics while you're on the beach or on summer vacation, but before you know it, the new school year will be here. Once you've purchased the school supplies, it's time to start planning a carpool strategy.

Can you rideshare with another family? Do you need to arrange an after-school ride for your child? What about carpooling to get to work? Planning around schedules and availability can be both difficult and stressful.

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Relax, there's an app for that. We've got six of them right here to get you started on the road of carpooling. Let us know if we're missing any.

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