The Oatmeal Crowdfunds Again, This Time for Tesla

After raising over $ 200,000 through Indiegogo for charity as part of a taunting response to a completely silly lawsuit threat (it's a long story, you can find a synopsis here), The Oatmeal and its creator, Matthew Inman have a new crowdfunding campaign.

This time Inman is teaming up with a non-profit to try to create a museum for cult scientific figure, Nikola Tesla. Friends of Science East is trying to raise money to buy Tesla's last laboratory, and New York State has pledged to match half the cost of the $ 1.6 million purchase price if the charity can come up with the other half.

So, Inman is helping to raise the cash with another Indiegogo campaign and this infographic in true The Oatmeal style. There's also this other comic that details all of Tesla's accomplishments and his controversial legacy. 

And of course, you can check out the Indiegogo campaign here. As I post this it's got just over $ 165,000 and 41 days left to go on its $ 850,000 goal. 


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