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5. September, 2012 Featured

Citizen AdvocateHas the red tape of the political process gotten you down? In the step-by-step handbook, Citizen Advocate: Get Government to Move Mountains and Change the World, Omar Ahmad — the former mayor of San Carlos, California — explains what it takes to move a great idea down the often-confusing path from persuasive lobbying to effective legislation. Written before his untimely death in 2011 (his sister helped complete his almost-finished manuscript), Ahmad chose to focus this practical guide on the community level, steadfastly believing that when small local changes occur, big things can result. Ahmad explains that to effectively advocate your point of view, you must embark on a multi-step effort that requires time, effort and creativity. Citizen Advocate shows you how.

Download the book for your Kindle, iPad or Nook, or get the full multimedia version through the TED Books app. And make sure to watch Ahmad’s moving talk from TED2010, “Political change with pen and paper,” in which he revealed why writing a monthly letter to politicians actually works.

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