About Us

Something that is instantly recognisable with The Society is it's open atmosphere. The Australian Society of Entrepreneurs started in May 2011 with just three members. A short time later and with limited marketing and promotional work the group now boasts over one thousand members with three chapters around Australia being Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and one chapter in Hong Kong.

The Founder and CEO Adam Matthews is a passionate and driven entrepreneur with a number of small business and venture startups under his belt. Adam has taken on the illustrious task of bringing entrepreneurs together with a unified vision, to collaborate and assist entrepreneurs develop and understand the skillets required to compete in today's digital world.

Top Reasons for Becoming a Member:

  • We Connect Over 35,000 Entrepreneurs Globally
  • One of the key aspects of our mission is to connect entrepreneurs from around the globe.
  • Official Partners of the Global Entrepreneurship Week!
  • In 2012, we partner with Frank Team and hold over 100 entrepreneur focused events for Global Entrepreneurship Week - an international awareness program, with thousands of events worldwide
  • Live Entrepreneur Events
  • Our Incubators hold a number of initiatives from workshops, mentoring programs, successful entrepreneur speakers, networking functions and much more
  • Get Business Exposure
  • Every year we hold a number of partnership and networking events designed to get your business exposed to future investors, partners and Joint Venturists
  • Access To Our Resources
  • The Society website provides live feed of the latest news syndicating with over 100 news sources to bring you the updates when they happen, plus crowdfunding, forums, direcories, online courses, eBooks and much more anticipated for release in 2012.

One thing that Adam and his team are passionate about is the development of a stable hosting platform where entrepreneurs can attend lectures on debatable and trending topics in todays entrepreneurial market. This includes anything from importing and exporting, commerce and online business to sales and presentation skills. To be a truly effective entrepreneur you require a number of diverse skillets both online and offline. Thats what The Australian Society of Entrepreneurs is all about.The Australian Society of Entrepreneurs holds a number of events each month and members are welcome to attend any of event. The venue and organising of these events are managed by Incubator leadership teams. Each Incubator is assigned a Hub President who is in charge of the day to day running of events, booking venues, seeking partnerships, sponsorships and more. Specifically the company is now entering its next phase establishing funded events, programs and larger audiences including linking with a number of investing companies.

Adam Matthews and 'The Society' as it's been dubbed are a close knit community, many of which have started developing other projects within The Society and excluding it. The Society believe that by harbouring resources in a pool, it will make it easier for entrepreneurs to develop their mastermind teams, whilst receiving guidance and training. "It's a win-win" says Adam.