Bloodbath: Qantas to cut $200m in IT costs, jobs

Embattled airline Qantas has flagged plans to cut $ 200 million out of its technology budget over the next three years and undertake reviews of its major technology supplier contracts, as part of a company-wide cost-cutting initiative that will see a total 5,000 staff leave the company and some $ 2 billion in total costs cut.
Renai LeMay

So you want to join a startup? You’re ready for the crazy perks, long hours, and nagging fear that the company may buckle at any moment?

For all you dreamers out there, a corporate cubicle isn’t going to cut it.

In a sea of opportunity, how do you discern between the good, bad, ugly, and severely underpaid startup jobs? Tech reporters hear from hundreds of startups each month that are raising funding, and inevitably, hiring like crazy. So we’re starting a new weekly jobs digest that will help you choose between an overwhelming number of startup positions.

I’ll narrow it down by taking into account the following factors:

  • The job itself must be cool. I’m looking for a job description or opportunity that stands out from the pack.
  • The company must not be boring.
  • “Big swings” are favored!
  • Location is everything. The majority of our audience is based in the U.S., but we do have an international audience.
  • Culture and perks. Who doesn’t want a gym membership and opportunity for international travel?

Each week, I’ll present a range of technical and non-technical jobs. The VentureBeat editorial team will weigh in about the companies on their beats that are hiring, particularly those that don’t have a public listing yet. Oh, and if you’re on Twitter, please inform me if a stand-out startup is hiring (@chrissyfarr).

Here are the startup jobs of the week:

Senior designer at Coin

Why? Coin‘s value proposition is clear and simple: Can a slick, credit-card sized device replace your wallet? Coin claims it can digitally store up to eight credit, debit, gift, or membership cards. Consumers can then swipe the Coin in any conventional reader or ATM machine without having to pull out the original card. When the startup launched its product in November, it received a firestorm of press, putting it in pole position for a funding round (rumors were flying in January about a $ 15 million raise). This startup isn’t likely to fold anytime soon.
The job: A senior designer with UI and UX experience.
Stage: Early.
Location: San Francisco
The salary: Undisclosed.
Apply here.

Community Manager at Secret

Why? Secret is Silicon Valley’s latest obsession. Since it launched last month, early adopters in tech are rushing to sign up and share their thoughts. The allure of the app is that it’s a community with no names, profiles, or photographs. The founders hope this will bring ”more authenticity, self-awareness, and empathy to the world.” But it will be a challenge for Secret to ensure the app isn’t populated with vicious rumors and gossip, also known as slander and libel. And that’s where a talented content moderator comes in.
The job: Full-time community manager.
Stage: Early.
Location: San Francisco.
The Salary: $ 80,000 to $ 120,000 (plus 0.5 percent to 1 percent equity).
Apply here.

Data scientist at Counsyl

Step one: Attain a job at Counsyl. Step two: Inform your friends and potential love interests that you “change lives for a living.” Counsyl offers a test to alert parents-to-be who have the carrier genes for a variety of rare genetic conditions, including cystic fibrosis and sickle cell disease. The test is affordable at $ 599 total, or $ 99 with insurance. By all accounts, the company is crushing it. “Few if any have done genetics on this scale before,” the website claims. Counsyl is hiring for a variety of positions, but the opening for a data scientist is particularly compelling. Just consider what you’ll learn from accessing a vast store of genetic information!
The job: Data scientist.
Stage: Early to mid.
Location: South San Francisco.
Salary: Undisclosed.
Apply here.

Business development at Stripe

Why? Stripe is a payments startup that has the chops to take on PayPal. The company just raised $ 80 million and is dedicating a portion of these funds to expanding its team. The team skews young with both founders (brothers John and Patrick Collison) in their mid-twenties. The business team is in a position to build the company’s presence abroad. The company just announced its merchant customers can now accept payments in 130 currencies. “I think the best part of the role is the opportunity to work with platform and strategic partners that can help Stripe become a part of the every day workflow of online businesses,” said Cristina Cordova, a member of the current business development team.
The job: Business development.
Stage: Mid.
Location: San Francisco.
The salary: Undisclosed.
Apply here.

Public policy at Uber

Why? Uber is an unstoppable force in the transportation industry. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t had to fight for survival every step of the way. Uber is expanding its public policy team to help the company forge alliances with local and national governments around the world. A successful candidate would have the opportunity to help define future for the ride-sharing movement. Oh, and the perks are pretty sweet. According to the company’s careers site, employees can “travel like a European diplomat,” as they are regularly showered with Uber credits.
The job: Senior public policy associate.
Stage: Mid.
Location: Midwest.
The salary: Undisclosed.
Apply here.

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