Station 12 Is Raising $250M To Fund European Media Tech Startups’ Growth Rounds

creamfields Add a new VC to the ranks in Europe: Station 12 is raising £150 million ($ 250 million), which it plans to invest in Series A and B rounds in the future Netflixes and Maker Studios of the world -- in other words, startups in Europe that straddle the media, entertainment and technology verticals. Average initial investments will be around £10 million. Read More
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Bottlenose Adds Real-Time TV And Radio Data To Its Social Trend Monitoring

Bottlenose, a startup that helps large brands find emerging trends, is expanding beyond social media today with the addition of Broadcast Analytics, which allows customers to see TV and radio data as well. In order to accomplish this, Bottlenose has partnered with media monitoring company Critical Mention. According to Bottlenose co-founder and CEO Nova Spivack, Critical Mention is ingesting… Read More
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Did Google Kill Social Media Marketing?

The search giant may have announced that it's not going to be investing any further in social software platform Wildfire, but that doesn't mean all is lost.


Turnbull slams Twitter’s NBN “craziness”

Malcolm Turnbull has accused users of social networking site Twitter of misrepresenting his position on the Coalition's broadband policy during a stoush with a small business operator unable to get broadband in a rural area, with the Communications Minister claiming the episode could be a case study "of the volatile and sometimes distorting character of social media".
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Police Turn to Social Media to Fight Crime, Dispel Rumors


Lieutenant Chris Bolton of the Oakland Police Department was skeptical of social media in 2011

As the Chief of Staff for Oakland's Chief of Police and a 13-year-vet at the time, he didn't see the benefits of having a department-monitored social media presence. "Without having tried [social media] and without knowing anyone else in law enforcement who was using it, I associated it with many more risks and consequences than I did with benefits," he says

That was Bolton's mindset until April 2, 2012, when 43-year-old One Goh entered Oikos University, a Korean Christian college in Oakland, Calif. Goh carried with him a .45-caliber handgun which he used to murder seven people at the school before surrendering to police at a nearby Safeway Read more...

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This sponsored post is produced by SPROCKIT.

New startups, competitions, accelerators, and incubators pop up nearly every day aiming to reinvent everything. The media and entertainment industry is no exception. The question is: How can startups stand out amid all of the noise and forge real change?

Enter SPROCKIT, a year-round program now in its second year. It aims to shine a spotlight on the most disruptive startups and help them collaborate with leaders in the industry. It is not an incubator, an accelerator, or a competition. It’s an invitation-only trusted community of elite startups and iconic companies.

The media and entertainment industry has experienced rapid change in recent years. The ways consumers can find and experience content is endless, making it challenging for companies to navigate the ever-changing landscape. We at SPROCKIT believe that to further the industry as a whole, today’s icons and tomorrow’s leaders need to work in concert. By focusing on fostering relationships between entrepreneurs and established executives, we can better address challenges and find workable solutions to problems facing the industry today.

That is why SPROCKIT is driven by the larger media and entertainment industry and kicks off at NAB Show, the largest convention for those who create, manage, and distribute entertainment on all media platforms. It’s April 5 to April 10 in Las Vegas. SPROCKIT helps companies who are poised to reinvent the market stand just as tall as the conglomerates by introducing them as VIPs to leaders in the industry.

So who are these “disruptive” startups? The first 10 invited to participate in SPROCKIT 2014 include:

  • AudioAir enhances the entertainment experience for patrons of sports bars, restaurants, or other establishments with muted TV screens by allowing users to listen, watch, and interact with the TV through their mobile device.
  • Cognitive Networks is a provider of real-time services that power Enhanced TV on Smart TVs, enabling viewers to receive increased engagement and interactions with content through their Smart TV.
  • ExciteM’s self-serve platform enables broadcast stations to create custom interactive mobile and social experiences for their audiences in real time.
  • theloop is a social marketplace website, enabling individuals and brands to showcase and deliver services as well as monetize their online content.
  • MAZ is a mobile publishing platform that empowers brands to create better user experiences by transforming their media properties into “mini” social networks.
  • Penthera is a provider of intelligent portable video software solutions for TV networks and content distributors.
  • ShareRocket is a social media ratings and audience solution that helps media companies and broadcasters measure their social media equity, benchmark against peers, and turn that social market intelligence into actionable insights to drive success.
  • Tomorrowish is a social media DVR that syncs and curates a live social media TV experience for viewers where they can participate in real-time conversations about a show whether it’s live or after it’s already aired.
  • Wayin provides real-time intelligence into how viewers engage with TV programming and gives producers creative freedom to easily display social content within their own broadcast production workflow.
  • WebTuner brings broadband to television, and with its next-generation hardware, innovative content guide, and addressable and interactive advertising platform, it creates a unique consumer experience advancing industry growth and creativity.

And how is this initiative being “driven” by the industry?

Leading media companies including Cox Media Group, Gannett Broadcasting, Hearst Television, Tribune Broadcasting, and Univision have joined SPROCKIT as founding corporate members and engaged executives to work alongside startups. Other collaborators include: Convergent Wealth Advisors, Angel Capital Association, National Science Foundation, Interactive Television Alliance, InfoDev, Springboard Enterprises, New Vantage Group, Boston Consulting Group, Ernst & Young, and SmithGeiger, and the list goes on.

Leaders from these organizations will lend their expertise to the program and guide discussions for bringing new products, services, and revenue models to market. They too recognize that to stay ahead of the curve, innovators – whether they are emerging entrepreneurs or industry luminaries – need to work together.

SPROCKIT is a model for any industry. It goes beyond the concept of an accelerator or incubator, and instead, fosters a community and creates a platform to help media and entertainment thrive.

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11 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Company Blog

It’s official. I no longer need to explain to B2B marketers why a blog is an absolute must have. If you’re a B2B marketer then chances are good you can already recite the many reasons why a blog makes sense: SEO, content marketing, fuel for social media, etc. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Hubspot and the Content Marketing Institute, I can eliminate “blog evangelist” from my job requirements.

So all is good in the land of B2B blogging, right? Far from it. Beyond the typical questions I get (e.g., what to write about and how often to post) a larger question is emerging:

How do we generate more traffic for our company blog?

Read full story...

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The Great He-Said, She-Said Game of the True Bitcoin Creator


Ever since the online cryptocurrency Bitcoin gained attention from people in the mainstream media, many questions remained unanswered. But perhaps the most prevalent was about its mysterious mastermind, widely believed to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

A growing theory held that this name represented a group of highly paranoid cryptographers. But Newsweek, in its first print magazine since the end of 2012, dropped a bombshell on Thursday: that the creator of Bitcoin was actually an individual named Satoshi Nakamoto, though he later changed his name to Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto, and is a 64-year-old who lives in a modest house with his mom Read more...

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