OpenText Jumps on Open Data Bandwagon #ODD2014

open data

OpenText is not in the habit of giving away money. Neither is the Canadian government. However, in recent weeks, each has given $ 3 million to the newly formed Open Data Institute in Canada.

But open data is not a Canadian initiative, it is a global movement that is creeping into businesses everywhere — and the focus of an International Open Data Day tomorrow.

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News Anchor Raps Rapper’s Delight In Awesome Supercut

It turns out that not only is Brian Williams a respected news anchor, he’s also an incredibly talented rapper. At least he is after the brilliant editors at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon painstakingly spliced together hours and hours of his news broadcasts.
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Gizmodo Australia
Andrew Liszewski

Oracle Expands Marketing Platform Eloqua Throughout Its Clouds

Oracle is out with a new release of Eloqua, improving integration with its Marketing and other Clouds.

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Think, Listen, Respond, Repeat: 7 Social Media Week Strategies You Shouldn’t Miss #SMW14

Indian sunset by Asa Aarons

If the phrase "always on, always connected" doesn’t give you anxiety, then it just might give you inspiration. At least that’s what the organizers of Social Media Week (SMW) are hoping.

The theme of this year’s global event, happening right now in eight cities on four continents, is The Future of Now … and yes, you guessed it. Now is defined as constant, pervasive, unstoppable hyper-connectivity. Think about it, from the perspective of the SMW organizers:

Communication technology unites us, relays news equally with opinion, transports us to worldwide events and shrinks distances between our relationships. We’re tuning into events that we’ve never before been able to access and witnessing other people’s experiences unfold in real time.

It’s enough to make your head swim … or your heart sink. What’s it all about? Can I create infinite connections without burning out?

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Watch Your Back, MongoDB – Couchbase is Coming After Your Customers

Watch Your Back, MongoDB - Couchbase is Coming After Your CustomersAnd Datastax, you may be next.

Sure the headline seems a little dramatic, but we’re not exaggerating at all.

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Facebook’s Sandberg And Ebersman Say They’re Not Planning To Flood The News Feed With Ads

sheryl sandberg

Judging from recent earnings reports, Facebook’s mobile ad strategy is paying off, but CFO David Ebersman said that doesn’t mean you’ll see an ever-increasing number of ads in your News Feed.

Ebersman and COO Sheryl Sandberg spoke this evening at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, where they were asked about the amount of ads that Facebook shows to its users. Ebersman replied that the company saw last year that mobile ads don’t just “continue to perform really well for marketers” but also have “a limited or negligible impact on engagement,” as shown in part by user surveys.

At the same time, he suggested that Facebook won’t increasing the quantity of mobile ads as it did in 2013. Even though “the number of ads in the News Feed is an important variable,” it’s not only one the company focuses on. He said Facebook will also be experimenting with things like the size and position of the ads: “All of this goes into trying to find the right balance.”

More broadly, Sandberg argued that Facebook is “by far the best mobile ad product out there today,” because it allows advertisers to reach a broad audience while also targeting specific users. And The key to growing that ad business, particularly among big brand advertisers, is measurement.

“We’re not TV, we’re not search, we have to prove it.” Sandberg said. Not that she’s complaining: “We should earn every dollar.

Sandberg added that in the past, Facebook could tell advertisers about how many people saw and engaged with the ads, but more recently, the company has been showing ad results “all the way through to ringing the cash register” at a physical store. For that kind of tracking, Facebook partners with Datalogix and has analyzed more than 100 campaigns. Facebook’s advantages on mobile give it “a really big opportunity, as long as we can continue to scale the measurement.”

Beyond advertising, the pair was also asked about Facebook’s goals for the next 10 years. (The company recently turned 10.) Ebersman said more immediate goals include improving Graph Search so people can use social data to find the information they need. The big challenge of the decade, on the other hand, will be “wiring up” the billions of people in the world who are not yet connected to the Internet. (Facebook and six phone companies recently announced the initiative to work on this problem.)

[photo of Sandberg via Flickr]

Anthony Ha

The Salvation for Snack Attacks: Smart Vending Machines

The Salvation for Snack Attacks: Smart Vending MachinesI don’t know about you, but when I walk by a vending machine and see one of my favorite snacks, I immediately have a snack attack. Often times these attacks go unanswered because I typically don’t carry cash in my pocket, or for the times when I do, the machine is broken.

Well, enter smart vending — and the answer to my vending machine woes!

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Facebook Steps Into the Mobile Waters Again with Paper

reader.pngAfter several attempts to make up for its late arrival in mobile, Facebook may have a standout mobile hit on its hands. On Thursday, the social networking powerhouse introduced a new app for finding and sharing stories — Paper.

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The 2 Biggest Time Sucks in Corporate America

Goat rodeo.jpg

"Please shoot me now! I can’t do it anymore! Why does everything have to be so slow and painful? There has got to be a better way!" Does this sound familiar? Although it may have been a while since you heard or muttered any of these phrases at work, I would be surprised if you have not heard some similar sense of frustration at your job.

Let’s take a look at the greatest "Time Sucks" in corporate America

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So Bill Clinton is a SharePoint Expert? #SPC14

Gates and Clinton.jpg

It’s hard to think of former President Bill Clinton as a SharePoint geek. But Clinton is always full of surprises — whether it’s a spur-of-the-moment random trip to Burma or an appearance at the Golden Globes.

So maybe his selection as the keynote speaker at SharePoint Conference 2014 isn’t as random as it seems. Besides, conferences have long histories of selecting keynote speakers with little or no connection to the topics at hand.

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